We’re a dedicated team of experienced writers and social speaking teachers
and we’re here to help you through every part of the interview process.
Our goal is to get you the job.
Simply pick which guide you want to read
and we’ll make sure that by the end you’ll be an ace.


Guide: Cover Letter

Learn everything you need to know about how to
write the perfect cover letter in a few simple steps.

Guide: Writing A Resume

Here we teach you everything about how to write a great resume!
Learn the essential keys and tricks and read our perfect template to make the writing process faster and easier.

Guide: Interview Questions and Answers

Get ready to blow your interviewer’s mind by having great answers to their questions.
Surprise them by having your own questions to ask!

Guide: Interview Follow Up Email/Letter

Our most popular guide and with reason.
By following these quick steps you’ll become a master at writing what we think is
the most powerful tool to get you the job – the follow up email.

Guide: What To Wear To An Interview

Our guide about interview appropriate clothing.
Learn how to choose the perfect outfit for your interview, from style to color.

Guide: How To Start A Professional/Personal Email

Our new guide that teaches you how to master writing the opening
of a professional (formal) or personal (informal) email.
We’ll make sure you know the best tips and tricks
and also give you great examples.

Guide: How To End A Professional/Personal Email

Another new entry on our guides, learn how to properly sign-off
on a professional (formal) or personal (informal) email.
Master the essential keys and read the very best examples!

Guide: Phone Interview

Here we’ll teach you how to perfectly handle the tricky phone interview.
Read the most common questions asked and also our best tips and tricks!

Guide: Answering Phone Calls

Learn how to properly answer phone calls.
Personally, professionally and even in funny ways
with the help of this great guide!

Guide: Job Posting Websites

Get to know the best websites for you to land an interview and get a job.
We also cover the best ones to recruit talent, if you’re an employer.

Guide: Salaries & Raises

Get the highest possible starting salary and
learn how to properly ask for a raise!


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