Best Cover Letter Examples

cover letter examplesHave you ever heard of a cover letter? Well you wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t!
Or maybe you just stumbled upon this article but don’t fret; we’re going to show you just how you can use this neat little trick to really get an employer’s attention instead of just presenting that bland old résumé you might not even be that proud of.
A cover letter is something you send along with your résumé to provide the employer with a sort of personal introduction and we’re going to provide you with exactly that: some cover letter examples.
Remember that you must always present yourself in a way that makes you stand out for the rest.
The best products are the ones that sell and I’m sure you know they have to be impeccable.
This is what you have to bring to the table.

So, with that out of the way, here is one of the cover letter examples you’ll want to use if you’ve never done this before.

Cover Letter Examples

Our best one yet:

Today’s date

Name of employer



Address, Region and Postal Code

Dear Mr./Mrs. Name of employer

I was interested to see that you have an opening for Position X, and was hoping to be called in for an interview.

At my previous place of employment I [Here you will provide your employer with a full description of what your past job entailed. It’s always a tremendous plus for them to hear that you were competent at your job and if you just happened to fill out multiple positions at said job, all the better as it will make you come off as a well- rounded and valuable employee, something that’s always enticing for a company.]

If you really want to juice up your cover letter, talk about what you did in jobs before your last one, but always remember to give fully detailed descriptions and hey, why not throw in a few terms that may sound a bit more esoteric to fully flesh out just how involved you were in said places.

Now, in this paragraph, you just want to make a few closing points regarding your abilities such as computer skills for example, like working on MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word and making a brief introduction about your schooling after which you can point them to the full details on your résumé. You see how that works? If your employer has already gained interest, he’ll certainly be checking out the rest of the information.

Now you just close up your cover letter neatly and provide contact information such as your cellphone or home number for a phone interview or your e-mail. Always remember to thank the person for their time and ascertain yourself as the perfect candidate for the position.


Your Name

That is the best one out of all the cover letter examples we’ve written, here for your learning experience.
Enclose your résumé, and you’re all set.
The next step for you, to further deepen your knowledge, is to check out our professionally made cover letter template.
See you there!