Job Posting Sites For Free

job posting sites for freeAs we promised previously, here we’re going to show you the list of where you can look at job posting sites for free.
If you just got here, this article was made due to some of these sites having paywall restrictions to access some features.
We understand that some people can’t afford those services and so we decided to create this list that only includes job posting sites for free.


Top 5 Job Posting Sites For Free

Facebook, Google + and Twitter (Social Networking Sites)

Both recruiters and job hunters often use social networks as their main platform. Why? Because it’s free and the user base is absolutely massive, so the chance to find good recruits or good job offers is bigger. This should be your starting point and you should follow them closely!

Education Job Boards (Universities, Colleges, Alumni)

Wonderful opportunity to help freshly graduated and ambitious students if you’re a recruiter and an equally great chance to land an internship or even a position in a company if you’re a student. These boards are not only free but also have great visibility and are extremely trustworthy, which is a match made in heaven for both sides of the deal.


Yup, it still is to this day a great place to find a job or a recruit. It’s easy, fast and very simple to use. Mind you that while it is often free, in some cities you might have to pay a small fee to advertise a job opportunity (if you’re a recruiter of course). With the huge user base also comes a bigger risk of getting fake or under-qualified applications so, if you’re a recruiter, be sure to remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. And due to this, if you’re applying for a job here the chances of being accepted or contacted are also lower than the other options above.


We found this website recently while on our search and we have to say we’re impressed. It’s free to post a job (if you’re a recruiter, they also have other payed options) and if you’re a job seeker this is also a wonderful and trustworthy place that you should use. Easy to use and of high quality.

Online Job Boards

We had job boards in the past and this is the new incarnation. There are thousands upon thousands of these boards online, ranging from general to very specific professions and positions. It is time consuming to find one that has a good amount of users and that you can rely on but you can find some real gems. Also completely free of course.


And there you have it. Our list of the very best job posting sites for free use.

If you’re from the USA or the UK, we’ve made separate articles that focus on your location.
Read them here:

USA Focused List

UK Focused List

Free Job Posting Sites USA

free job posting sites usaWelcome to our list of free job posting sites usa edition.
As we’ve said before, here we’ll focus not only on these sites being high quality and free but also on their exclusivity and better experience and success rate for united states job seekers.

If you’re looking for the main article (without focus on location), click here.

Let’s get into it.


Top 5 Free Job Posting Sites USA Edition


20 years old and an official website of the united states government. It’s of course extremely trustworthy and recommended. If you’re a job seeker, your resume will be available to every recruiter and you can even apply to federal government jobs. Excellent for USA citizens, the gem of our free job posting sites usa edition list.


One of the original job searching websites, we continue to love it to this day. Anyone can use it for free, although recruiters have paid options. It’s a great website for anyone to use but US job seekers/recruiters have the advantage of the crazy amount of offers exclusive to the united states.
Simple and trustworthy, be sure to check it out.


As we talked about before, craigslist is still a classic and useful website. The advantage here is that you can select which city or state you want to find jobs (or recruits) in. Due to the US user base on craigslist far outnumbering other countries, you not only have more opportunities but also a much greater chance of finding what you want in your own city/state.

Facebook, Google + and Twitter (Social Networking Sites)

You’re probably already using these for job related searches. The reason is exactly the same as above, massive user bases and you can restrict your search to your location of preference. Keep them on your radar at all times.


We’ve talked about how impressed we were with this website before and we’ll say it again. Free, very simple to use and of high quality, you should give this a try as well.

And that’s all you need!

We bet that you’re smiling at how great these websites are, thinking about all the opportunities you have. Hope our list of free job posting sites usa edition will help you to land an interview (learn how to ace it here) and get the job you want, remember, never give up on the search!

We’re glad we could help and as always, if you have any questions or feedback make sure to post them on the comments below. Good luck!

Free Job Posting Sites UK

free job posting sites ukWelcome to our free job posting sites uk edition!
Here we’ll focus on websites that focus on uk citizens by offering better user experience and also a better rate of success.
To make this quick and easy, we’ve written a top 5 list for your reading pleasure.
If you just got here and are looking for the main article (without focus on location) you can find it here.


Top 5 Free Job Posting Sites UK Edition


If you’re from the UK, your own government has an incredible tool for its citizens. By using Universal Jobmatch, (if you’re a job hunter) you can search and apply for full or part-time jobs in Great Britain and abroad.
And if you’re a recruiter you can post jobs online, get a list of people looking for jobs using the service, automatically matched by CV and skills and review the matched jobseekers and select those you want to apply.
This is an excellent place to start and extremely trustworthy, making it number 1 on our free job posting sites uk edition list.

Another highly used and high quality website. You can find jobs anywhere in the UK, you just have to pick the location (Manchester, London, etc…). Reliable, easy to use and offers a great user experience.

Updated often and you can start using it very quickly. You can filter what type of job you’re looking for (Full time, Part time, freelance, internship etc…) and the region you prefer. We love this website due to it’s simple and straightforward design, no fuss about it.

Facebook, Google + and Twitter (Social Networking Sites)

We have to bring these up everywhere. Why? They’re free, you probably already use them and they are very effective at finding a job or an applicant. They are constantly updated and used by employers and job seekers everywhere, the only thing you need to do is filter the location or join a regional job group and you’re set!

Another one we like to talk about. Very polished and reliable with a huge user base and high chances of success. Their great interface design is just a bonus.


These are without a doubt the very best options you have as an UK citizen, and for them to be on our free job posting sites uk edition list you can rest assured that they meet the highest standards.

Learn how to ace the eventual interview you’ll get by reading our top 10 interview questions and answers and our secret strategy to tip the scale in your favor, the follow up email.

Leave any questions in the comments below and we wish you good luck!

Job Posting Sites For Employers

job posting sites for employersIn this article, we’re going to explore job posting sites for employers like you who are looking to attract people to their own company. While the focus of our website is primarily to help people who are looking to find their idyllic job in this vast world of never ending opportunities, we also have a place for employers here. Keep in mind, of course, most if not all of these websites are pay-per-job but you’ll find it’ll pay off in the end when you get some good people working for you.

Top 5 Job Posting Sites For Employers


Monster is definitely one of the (if not the most well-known) job posting sites for employers. Rates go from $134-$425 depending on the number of postings you buy so they have a good range of choices if you’re not looking to spend too much money and still want to get a good word out there.


This is one of the job posting sites that focuses specifically on the US job market with a whopping 60 million registered job seekers making it one of the more idyllic places to post your advertisements for positions you’re looking to fill at only a minimum of $89/mo.

eBay Classifieds

We all know eBay as the e-commerce giant but they also have a branch dedicated to both employers and employees looking to find a job. Keep in mind, however, that this website is more inclined toward general job posting, not really a place where you’ll hire people for long-term careers. It’s still one of the better known job posting sites for employers.


Levo, while not exactly one of the nice job posting sites deals primarily in helping women find a job, if that’s what you’re looking to advertise. Just another step toward empowering women in the job market and promoting equality among genders. Rates are also simple: $99 if you have under 50 employees or $149 if you have more than 50 employees.


TechFetch is for all you tech giants and non-giants alike looking to hire people in the Information Technology niche. It is primarily here where you can find the more qualified of the job seekers in this department so this is the best place to look. Rates here go from $1499 to $2499 per year depending on your selected membership package.

There is simply no end to the amount of possibilities you’re presented with when searching for the employees you most need for your growing company but here we tried to provide you with some of the best job posting sites for employers we personally looked over.
As we wish good luck to the people looking for the job of their dreams, we also wish you good luck finding the employee of your dreams! Thank you for reading and why not teach your new employee how to properly answer a phone call in the office while you’re at it? See you there!

Employment Posting Sites

employment posting sitesIn times past, when the internet and smartphones weren’t a thing (I know: how strange, right?), employers would sometimes resort to boards where they’d put up ads for people wanted for a certain position.
Think for example about those papers that add the little snippets you could rip out with the number to call, you know the ones. Like I said, times past. Today, however, we have an abundance of resources for both looking for a job and advertising a position thanks to, you guessed it, the internet. These employment posting sites work much like those boards of old, allowing you to find any job you might seek, provided, naturally, that you’re looking in the correct place. Here we’ll provide you with some of the more well-known employment posting sites where you’ll be able to find the thing you think might be best suited for someone of your abilities. It’s all up to you.

Top 10 Employment Posting Sites


I’m sure you know Monster as well as I, and so do any potential employers; this powerhouse of a website is one of the main employment posting sites out there and, you didn’t hear this from us, but employers pay top dollar to advertise their positions here.


Sure, we know: Craigslist does not exactly have the best reputation taking into account the shady characters it might sometimes bring in and we’ve seen some dark examples but it stands as one of the top employment posting sites for both small jobs and actual careers.


Facebook is a strange beast when it comes to employment posting sites as you would primarily recognize it as just a social media website, but if you’re comfortable with using your own profile, it’s a good way to immediately connect with possible employers as they can and do use the site as advertisement for their jobs.


Glassdoor as one of many employment posting sites has a special gimmick to make itself stand out: it allows you not only to post reviews about your employers and higher-ups but also your salary. It’s definitely a way to help people avoid the less than favorable places to work at.


Dice deals within a specific niche of the job market: tech. In our age of ever-growing technology, it’s common nowadays for people to look for work in this area and if that’s what you’re looking for, Dice is the place to go.


YouTern is another one of those niche employment posting sites that deals with connecting interns to internships. While not very big, it still boasts a connection to some big names; like Google for example!


JobHat functions as a sort of job search engine in that it all find you an assortment of job postings and, more often than not, employers who post their ads somewhere are picked up on JobHat’s search.


A niche website that allows for posting portfolios for the eyes of employers. While it’s specifically directed at design and creative work it has established itself as the place to go when trying to connect employers and professionals in this field.


Flexjobs is one of the employment posting sites for those working freelance style as some people do nowadays if they want to get away from the shackles of the corporate world. If this is your thing, count yourself lucky because the companies affiliated with this website are in the thousands.


Careerbuilder works as a general board and is connected to a large number of the Fortune 500 companies located in the U.S. and, as is expected, opportunities are abundant.

There you go: ten quick and easy employment posting sites to find any sort of job you want without much hassle or, in fact, without even leaving the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget to learn how to ace an interview and read about our secret weapon, the interview follow up email!
We hope you find what you’re looking for and remember: any questions can be posted in the comments below. Thanks for reading!