Follow Up Email Subject Line

follow up email subject lineA new doubt that you guys have been having is that after writing a perfect follow up email, you got stuck with writing an equally great follow up email subject line.
33% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone – you really need to ace it.
If you’re looking for the professional side of this guide, we got you covered here.
Let’s clear any doubts you might have about this issue and make sure you learn how to always write a proper line.

Follow Up Email Subject Line

Before even starting you need to know one essential thing – is your email is formal or informal?
Are you writing to a friend or to a co worker? You need to know if it’s personal or professional as a follow up email subject line differs from one to the other. For strictly professional subject lines we’ve made a separate article here.

Writing a follow up email subject line can be fairly easy and quick if you follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Always write the body of your email first. It’s much easier to come up with a good subject line after the email is completed.
  • Determine the core message of your email. What is the essential information that your email is delivering?
  • Write a simple and relevant subject line. You now have the required information to write the perfect follow up email subject line.

And there you have it, quick and easy.
It really is simple to apply this method and get great results, the part where most people fail is the first point, you should never write the subject line first.

To make it clearer for you guys we have gathered some examples of how to properly write a follow up email subject line.

Examples Of Follow Up Email Subject Lines:

RE: “The Subject” – Easy right? If you’re responding to someone that started a conversation with you, the safest and easiest solution is to simply let it be “RE:”. It’s instantly recognizable and is sure to get opened by the recipient, although a bit generic.

About “The Subject” – Direct, it’s always appreciated. Not only is it safe but also intriguing enough to make the reader want to open it.

Found the solution – Bold and sure to catch the eye of your recipient and make them quickly open your email. This is great even for interview follow ups as you will present yourself as the solution to their problem, it makes you stand out from the rest!

These are great examples of how to write a great follow up email subject line. Use these as your guidelines for all your future ones but remember that being creative is always appreciated.

We recommend that you read our previous guides on how to start an email and how to close one, since you’re going to be needing to do those very soon. See you there!