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free job posting sites ukWelcome to our free job posting sites uk edition!
Here we’ll focus on websites that focus on uk citizens by offering better user experience and also a better rate of success.
To make this quick and easy, we’ve written a top 5 list for your reading pleasure.
If you just got here and are looking for the main article (without focus on location) you can find it here.


Top 5 Free Job Posting Sites UK Edition


If you’re from the UK, your own government has an incredible tool for its citizens. By using Universal Jobmatch, (if you’re a job hunter) you can search and apply for full or part-time jobs in Great Britain and abroad.
And if you’re a recruiter you can post jobs online, get a list of people looking for jobs using the service, automatically matched by CV and skills and review the matched jobseekers and select those you want to apply.
This is an excellent place to start and extremely trustworthy, making it number 1 on our free job posting sites uk edition list.

Another highly used and high quality website. You can find jobs anywhere in the UK, you just have to pick the location (Manchester, London, etc…). Reliable, easy to use and offers a great user experience.

Updated often and you can start using it very quickly. You can filter what type of job you’re looking for (Full time, Part time, freelance, internship etc…) and the region you prefer. We love this website due to it’s simple and straightforward design, no fuss about it.

Facebook, Google + and Twitter (Social Networking Sites)

We have to bring these up everywhere. Why? They’re free, you probably already use them and they are very effective at finding a job or an applicant. They are constantly updated and used by employers and job seekers everywhere, the only thing you need to do is filter the location or join a regional job group and you’re set!

Another one we like to talk about. Very polished and reliable with a huge user base and high chances of success. Their great interface design is just a bonus.


These are without a doubt the very best options you have as an UK citizen, and for them to be on our free job posting sites uk edition list you can rest assured that they meet the highest standards.

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Leave any questions in the comments below and we wish you good luck!