Free Job Posting Sites USA

free job posting sites usaWelcome to our list of free job posting sites usa edition.
As we’ve said before, here we’ll focus not only on these sites being high quality and free but also on their exclusivity and better experience and success rate for united states job seekers.

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Top 5 Free Job Posting Sites USA Edition


20 years old and an official website of the united states government. It’s of course extremely trustworthy and recommended. If you’re a job seeker, your resume will be available to every recruiter and you can even apply to federal government jobs. Excellent for USA citizens, the gem of our free job posting sites usa edition list.


One of the original job searching websites, we continue to love it to this day. Anyone can use it for free, although recruiters have paid options. It’s a great website for anyone to use but US job seekers/recruiters have the advantage of the crazy amount of offers exclusive to the united states.
Simple and trustworthy, be sure to check it out.


As we talked about before, craigslist is still a classic and useful website. The advantage here is that you can select which city or state you want to find jobs (or recruits) in. Due to the US user base on craigslist far outnumbering other countries, you not only have more opportunities but also a much greater chance of finding what you want in your own city/state.

Facebook, Google + and Twitter (Social Networking Sites)

You’re probably already using these for job related searches. The reason is exactly the same as above, massive user bases and you can restrict your search to your location of preference. Keep them on your radar at all times.


We’ve talked about how impressed we were with this website before and we’ll say it again. Free, very simple to use and of high quality, you should give this a try as well.

And that’s all you need!

We bet that you’re smiling at how great these websites are, thinking about all the opportunities you have. Hope our list of free job posting sites usa edition will help you to land an interview (learn how to ace it here) and get the job you want, remember, never give up on the search!

We’re glad we could help and as always, if you have any questions or feedback make sure to post them on the comments below. Good luck!