How To Answer Phone Calls In The Office

how to answer phone calls in the officeSo you’ve read our previous guide and now you want to know how to answer phone calls in the office.
Well you came to the right place! As professionals we’ve got a lot of experience in this area and we’re here to show you how to answer phone calls in the office masterfully, in an elegant and formal way.
Doing this right creates a great first impression for your company and is sure to get you new business more easily!

How To Answer Phone Calls In The Office: 8 Simple Steps

We’ve already talked about the essential keys that apply to any type of call, including a professional one, but for a business call there are unique steps and strategies that you should follow to really ace them!
We’ve gathered the very best tips on how to answer phone calls in the office and made a step by step guide for you to read.

Follow these 8 simple steps:

Answer before the third ring.
Never let the phone ring more than 3 times, it’s statistically proven that by that time most callers will either be annoyed or even hang up. Always try your best to answer as quickly as possible.

Keep it professional.
When answering business calls, the number one rule is always answer professionally. This means that your language has to be formal and clean, to start any conversation in the right way.

Always identify yourself.
At the office it is proper etiquette to make sure you introduce yourself to the caller. The way your introduction works differs from the department and position you are in but usually it should be something like: “Hello, thank you for calling XYZ, how may I help you?” or “Good morning. XYZ, Joan speaking, how may I help you?”. Keeping a warm and friendly tone in your voice works wonders too.

Speak slowly and clearly.
The worst thing that can happen in a business call is someone not understanding what you said and asking you to repeat yourself. To avoid this simply moderate how quickly you speak and properly enunciate the words.

Avoid fillers and informal lingo.
It’s rare but extremely appreciated. Replace the usual words in your informal vocabulary such as “Ok” and “No problem” for the much more professional “Very well” and “Certainly”. Train yourself to never use fillers as you speak, such as “Uh huh” and “Umm”, and get rid of the following useless filler phrases – “like” and “you know”.

Never use a speaker phone.
Using a speaker phone not only gives the caller the impression that you’re not focusing entirely on them but it also seems like the call isn’t private.

Keep a pen and paper nearby.
So simple and obvious yet many people forget this step. Write down any important info that you can gather while in the call.

Record a professional voicemail message.
If by any chance you miss the call, have a professional and well thought out voicemail message that provides the caller all the important information quickly and make sure it follows the previous vocabulary tips.


Follow these simple steps and your business will benefit from a great boost in image and, therefore, business!

Thank you for reading our guide on how to answer phone calls in the office.
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