Interview Follow Up Email Template

interview follow up email templateAs promised,  in this post we’re going to show you an interview follow up email template that is direct and impactful.
Feel free to copy this example for yourself and as we’ve said before, replace the placeholders with relevant information and don’t forget to give it your personal touch to show off your character.



Interview follow up email template:

Good morning/afternoon/evening Mr./Mrs. Last Name

I’m writing to say a word of thanks and to let you know how pleasant our interview was. I was able to learn and better understand my possible future position at Company X and how your personal experiences have molded and impacted not only yourself but the workplace as well. I can tell you I’m excited for having been given this opportunity and a possible spot within your team.

It is, as you mentioned during our talk, with a strong team and stronger leadership that we’re able to develop ourselves and I believe that’s what Company X stands for, which can be a rarity nowadays so I count myself lucky.

Once again, I’d just like to say I appreciate the time you allowed me to share personal details and my interest in working with and for you. I believe my skills are best suited with what your team is looking for, and I’d like to prove myself in said way. Thank you, and I hope you’ll contact me soon!


Your type named

Your signature

And there you have it.
Simple, to the point and direct.
Now is the time to give your interview follow up email the last details to really kick it up to perfection, see how on the next (and final) stepTop 10 Tips and Tricks to Perfect Your Interview Follow Up Email.
Now as a few final words of advice, you should also send some simple attachments like possible ideas in a neat file, just to help give the interviewer a taste of the said skills you so eagerly bragged about in your email.
With that, you have the information required to succeed.
See you on the final step!