Job Posting Sites For Employers

job posting sites for employersIn this article, we’re going to explore job posting sites for employers like you who are looking to attract people to their own company. While the focus of our website is primarily to help people who are looking to find their idyllic job in this vast world of never ending opportunities, we also have a place for employers here. Keep in mind, of course, most if not all of these websites are pay-per-job but you’ll find it’ll pay off in the end when you get some good people working for you.

Top 5 Job Posting Sites For Employers


Monster is definitely one of the (if not the most well-known) job posting sites for employers. Rates go from $134-$425 depending on the number of postings you buy so they have a good range of choices if you’re not looking to spend too much money and still want to get a good word out there.


This is one of the job posting sites that focuses specifically on the US job market with a whopping 60 million registered job seekers making it one of the more idyllic places to post your advertisements for positions you’re looking to fill at only a minimum of $89/mo.

eBay Classifieds

We all know eBay as the e-commerce giant but they also have a branch dedicated to both employers and employees looking to find a job. Keep in mind, however, that this website is more inclined toward general job posting, not really a place where you’ll hire people for long-term careers. It’s still one of the better known job posting sites for employers.


Levo, while not exactly one of the nice job posting sites deals primarily in helping women find a job, if that’s what you’re looking to advertise. Just another step toward empowering women in the job market and promoting equality among genders. Rates are also simple: $99 if you have under 50 employees or $149 if you have more than 50 employees.


TechFetch is for all you tech giants and non-giants alike looking to hire people in the Information Technology niche. It is primarily here where you can find the more qualified of the job seekers in this department so this is the best place to look. Rates here go from $1499 to $2499 per year depending on your selected membership package.

There is simply no end to the amount of possibilities you’re presented with when searching for the employees you most need for your growing company but here we tried to provide you with some of the best job posting sites for employers we personally looked over.
As we wish good luck to the people looking for the job of their dreams, we also wish you good luck finding the employee of your dreams! Thank you for reading and why not teach your new employee how to properly answer a phone call in the office while you’re at it? See you there!