Job Posting Sites For Free

job posting sites for freeAs we promised previously, here we’re going to show you the list of where you can look at job posting sites for free.
If you just got here, this article was made due to some of these sites having paywall restrictions to access some features.
We understand that some people can’t afford those services and so we decided to create this list that only includes job posting sites for free.


Top 5 Job Posting Sites For Free

Facebook, Google + and Twitter (Social Networking Sites)

Both recruiters and job hunters often use social networks as their main platform. Why? Because it’s free and the user base is absolutely massive, so the chance to find good recruits or good job offers is bigger. This should be your starting point and you should follow them closely!

Education Job Boards (Universities, Colleges, Alumni)

Wonderful opportunity to help freshly graduated and ambitious students if you’re a recruiter and an equally great chance to land an internship or even a position in a company if you’re a student. These boards are not only free but also have great visibility and are extremely trustworthy, which is a match made in heaven for both sides of the deal.


Yup, it still is to this day a great place to find a job or a recruit. It’s easy, fast and very simple to use. Mind you that while it is often free, in some cities you might have to pay a small fee to advertise a job opportunity (if you’re a recruiter of course). With the huge user base also comes a bigger risk of getting fake or under-qualified applications so, if you’re a recruiter, be sure to remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. And due to this, if you’re applying for a job here the chances of being accepted or contacted are also lower than the other options above.


We found this website recently while on our search and we have to say we’re impressed. It’s free to post a job (if you’re a recruiter, they also have other payed options) and if you’re a job seeker this is also a wonderful and trustworthy place that you should use. Easy to use and of high quality.

Online Job Boards

We had job boards in the past and this is the new incarnation. There are thousands upon thousands of these boards online, ranging from general to very specific professions and positions. It is time consuming to find one that has a good amount of users and that you can rely on but you can find some real gems. Also completely free of course.


And there you have it. Our list of the very best job posting sites for free use.

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