Phone Interview Tips

phone interview tipsPhone interviews might be somewhat unusual and rare but they do happen, and when they do you should be ready for them.
Having a phone interview might actually be a lot less stressing than a regular one because some people are very shy in person and that doesn’t show as much through the phone, as we’ve talked about in the previous step.
If that’s your case and you landed yourself a phone interview, count your lucky stars!
Today, though, we’re here to present you with the best phone interview tips to make that experience all the easier. Let’s begin!

Top 5 Phone Interview Tips

  • Keep your résumé at hand so you can quickly check any information you might need to confirm for the person interviewing you.

  • Have a short list of your past awards and accomplishments to really bring out your inner strengths and give yourself a positive note.

  • Keep a pen and paper close to you, ready to write down anything you might need for later.

  • Change the profile of your phone so you’re not interrupted by any notifications or other incoming calls.

  • Stay away from distractions. Any distractions are a definitive no-no. No pets, kids, TV, games or even your browser should be open unless you really need to use it. Stay away from noisy places and be focused.

And that’s all there is to it, we promise!
Don’t worry, you’re not about to face some impossible beast, it’s only an interview. Without noticing you’ll really get into it and do wonderfully, be it by phone or face to face.

Thank you for reading our phone interview tips!
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