Resume Builder Online

resume builder onlineNowadays, it takes a resume to start working at most any place in the modern Western world, but for those who really just want to get that hassle out of the way (since some people consider it bureaucratic nonsense), some good folks around the internet took it upon themselves to design something brilliant: a resume builder online! As you might have guessed, these websites provide you with a very complete form that you can fill out and e-mail or print as a resume when trying to apply for a job and that’s what we’re bringing you today: some choices when it comes to those websites and best of all, they’re completely free!

Resume Builder Online – Top 3


myPerfectresume is a very versatile resume builder online as it provides you with a set of options to choose from for your resume ranging from ones focusing on education, to sales, customer service and even healthcare. You can’t really go wrong with this one.


LiveCareer is not only a resume builder online but also provides you with tips, examples, templates and even tune-ups, but that’s not all! LiveCareer even goes behind the resume builder, bringing to the table cover letter resources and even interview tips and tricks!


Europass, believe it or not, is actually run by the European Union themselves! It’s mainly a way to build your resume or curriculum vitae as it’s often known in Europe and it’s accepted pretty much anywhere within the European Union.

And that’s it. You’re now fully prepared to write the very best resume that you can.
We hope we made the whole process a lot simpler than trying to think up what you were going to include in a freshly written one!

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