Resume References

resume referencesWhen applying for some jobs, employers will often ask for references from you. In case you didn’t know, resume references are a sort of recommendation from past employers.  Your new boss can contact your last place of work and inquire about your work ethic and overall performance as an employee in that field but you can be one step ahead by including said references right on your resume! How you ask? That’s what we’re here to show you!


Resume References

One important thing to remember right off the bat is for your previous employer to be fully aware of the fact you’re using them as a reference since you need to include any and all sorts of their contact information like their number and e-mail so make sure you clear that up to avoid any complications.

Secondly, when writing up your resume references, don’t actually include them in the resume itself but rather in a completely different document altogether since some employers don’t want or need them. It’s a “just in case” sort of thing. Naturally, don’t include references that don’t pertain to the new job you’re seeking either.

With that out of the way, writing up the reference is quite simple and we’ll provide you with a simple template:

  • Name of Previous Employer(s)
  • Position of Previous Employer(s)
  • Company
  • Address of Said Company
  • Work Number
  • E-Mail

Of course, do remember to write up a nice header on your document with your own contact information and name so the documents don’t get mixed up within your potential employer’s papers or e-mails:

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Home and/or cellphone number
  • E-mail

And with that, you got yourself some resume references.
This might seem like a lot of work but it’s a powerful tool to get yourself the job you want, so don’t slack!

We’re nearly finished with your resume, see you in the next step!

Thank you for reading and good luck with your endeavors!