Top 10 Tips & Tricks For Your Interview Follow Up Email

Interview follow up emailSo here we are. You’ve followed our guide, learned about the important skill of writing an interview follow up email and you have finally crafted your very own letter.

We bet it’s well written, stunning and has a dash of your charm to make it memorable, but, before you send it, we want to show you the final details that you can add to really hit a home-run and land your job.

These are the best tips and tricks we’ve gathered over the years that are sure to kick your letter up from good to great and from great to perfect. Read these and double check your own letter to make sure you aren’t missing any of the following important details.


  • Let the interviewer know that you are thankful for their time.

  • Do this not only at the bottom but you should mention it another time during your letter.
    As with everything do not overdo it, these two times are a sufficient amount.

  • Always demonstrate confidence in your tone. 

  • It’s attractive and makes the interviewer respect you.

  • Let them know that you are excited by the opportunity.

  • Enthusiasm is the best way to show the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the job offer. Which leads us to the next crucial step:

  • Have someone, multiple people if you can, read your letter. 

  • Ask them if the tone of confidence and enthusiasm is present throughout your text in your interview follow up email.

  • Triple check your grammar and spelling errors.

  • You would think it goes without saying but many people forget this step.
    Don’t rely solely on auto-correction, read your letter very carefully and with the utmost attention. A single error will absolutely destroy your letter, don’t let it happen.

  • Your writing should transmit your personality and charisma.

  • It’s the best way to set you apart from the others and it gives real character and weight to the letter. Generic writing won’t do any good, don’t be afraid to show who you are as long as you:

  • Keep it professional.

  • No matter what your style of writing is this is a rule that encompasses everyone.

  • Attach references.

  • If you’ve had previous jobs or experiences, you should back your claims by adding references as an attachment.
    Your interviewer can call them up and get glowing reviews about your work and of yourself as a person. This also works if you never had any jobs before, it can be your old sports coach, a teacher that you impressed or the head of some event you participated in.
    It does wonders to build credibility and trust between you and the company.

  • Show them what you forgot.

  • During the interview you might have forgotten to talk about something incredible you did or really great work you’ve done previously.
    This is your chance to do it. It can be the increase in sales that you were able to cause or artwork that you did for a previous company – as long as it is relevant and very good work.

  • Sell yourself.

  • This is what it all comes down to.
    Show your value and present yourself as the best possible employee for that position, you probably are. This is true for any situation in life, professional or personal.

Closing Comment

And there you have it, your finished interview follow up email.
Be proud of yourself, you’ve just finished writing the most powerful text you can send to your employer, it has enough impact to tip the scale in your favor.
We’re proud of you too for staying with us until the very end and we are sure you’ll land the job.
Good luck!

If you’ve already gotten ahead of yourself and written the interview follow up email before the interview itself, we can guide you on how to ace an interview by reading our list of top 10 common interview questions and answers.